Dr. Frank Gunderson

is a noted musicology professor at Florida State University (FSU) with previous appointments at schools in Ohio and Michigan. His research and educational focus examine the intersection of music and Intangible Cultural Heritage. Additional interests include African history, Islam, musical labor, veterans’ issues, biographical approaches to music, refugee communities, and documentary films.

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With his time in academia, Dr. Frank Gunderson has amassed a notable selection of publishing credits and audio recordings focused on his passion areas. Many of his larger works chronicle the musical history of East Africa with a particular focus on Tanzania and musicians in that region. He is also well-known for his work with the Society for Ethnomusicology and its academic Journal.

Dr. Frank Gunderson outside academia

While teaching and research have occupied the larger part of Frank Gunderson’s career, he has held other positions that provided unique opportunities to connect with the public and examine sound and music in new ways.

In Olympia, Washington, Gunderson previously served as music director for KAOS radio and worked with the famous northwest outsider musician, Travis Roberts. Roberts and Gunderson are cousins and collaborated on a project that evolved into numerous high-profile indie recordings and became an award-winning film co-directed by Bret Woods. Human Skab was released by SnagFilms in 2012.

This was only his first foray into chronicling the story of music with film. In 2020, his recent film, Ng’oma: The Work of Our Clan, and was distributed by Alexander Street. The work follows a master drum maker in the Sukuma region of western Tanzania and was featured in dozens of film festivals across the world.

Gunderson’s latest release, Beloved Youth of Many Days: Stories about Milmani Park Orchestra, returns to Tanzania and chronicles a popular, well-established rhumba band in Dar Es Salaam.

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